Bescom: A government service reinvents its brand Image.

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (Bescom) has been in operation for over one hundred years, and is the sole electricity supplier in the city of Bangalore.

6,000 sqft

Total built up area of the experience centre and the outer structure


Full service turnkey experiential design involving MEP, Design, PMC & Build


Bescom has always had a strong regional identity dating back to its inception. With an eye on its future outlook and with major changes happening in the industry it operates in, Bescom decided that it was time for a change. The company needed an update that would reflect its newfound focus on customer service and quality of service.

The opportunity

The future of power supply lies in Smart grid technology. They have helped improve the transmission and distribution of energy and have proved dependable, flexible, efficient, sustainable and extremely customer friendly. Bescom needed its prospects to benefit from this efficient smart grid technology.

Rubenius was tasked to make a highly interactive experiential space that showcased this technology in order to inform, educate and deploy early innovations to next levels of smart grid technology.

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The challenge

The challenge was to capture the transmission and distribution nature of energy. Given that electricity has no form factor, we looked to “light” as inspiration for this concept property. A lighting solution which will communicate with the user, transforming the ambience from training mode to presentation mode to exploration mode.

The 6000 sq ft space needed to accommodate three activities:

  1. Monitoring the transmission of electricity in the grid
  2. Training personnel to explore and adopt critical thinking
  3. Simulating scenarios for the public to highlight Bescom’s new brand vision.

The Smart Grid tech, depends on several factors, namely:

Integrated Communications - Making communications and data surrounding previous systems be available in a uniform order to be updated regularly.

Sensing and measurement - Monitoring the health of the grid equipment along with its stability. It also informs electricity theft and solutions to overcome it.

Smart meters - Employing digital meters instead of manual ones to record energy utilisation.

Phaser measurement units (PMU) - High speed sensors indicating the quality of the current can be monitored

Advanced control - Disturbances in grid or outages can be monitored and solved using the automated power system.

Smart power generation - The amount of electricity to be utilised is matched with the amount of it being produced.

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The results

Our focus was to facilitate an experience that highlighted these priorities in the grid. To achieve this vision, we created a 300sqft spread miniature of Bangalore Replica integrating the model with a lighting system that highlighted critical issues of the power supply chain.

We divided the space into 6 parts representing 6 mode of energy generation. The hexagon-inspired core encased the 6 power sources namely, BESCOM, CESCOM, GESCOM, HESCOM, MESCOM and KTPCL displaying how energy generated gets distributed and transmitted into the city.

The lights show how the Bangalore power supply chain operates. In the training mode, the model simulates problems, errors, and issues that occur in a daily life scenario. We operate these scenarios from the kiosks surrounding the hexagon. These 6 data tables placed on each corner of the hexagon display real-time data and analyse power consumption from all the 6 energy sources of Bescom across Karnataka, including the areas of Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangaluru, Davanagere, Kolar, Tumkur and Chamarajanagar. The light is the crux of this experience centre mapping of how energy generates, distributes and transmits on the real time models.

“Rubenius is an expert on experiential design. Our simulations train recruits and current personnel to be more responsive to critical issues quicker and more efficiently.”

Anil D'Souza
DGM , Bescom

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