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We are a fast growing interior design company, changing the world for the better. Joining Rubenius means joining a high-energy team of more than 24 professionals that together redefine the real estate industry on a daily basis.

Career at Rubenius
Working on a custom frame design for a wall painting
Architect and client discussing a plan

We are product owners, developers, commercial talents, engineers, strategists, computer scientists and more.

Everyone working towards our greatest goal: serving the world with better buildings. Because we strongly believe buildings can be healthier, smarter, more sustainable and at the same time incredibly cool. Are you up for the challenge?


Transforming spaces for tomorrow’s living and working practices

10 by 10 ︎

Holistic design solutions leaning towards sustainability

The Home Factory

Our bespoke signature collection of decor and furniture

Nebin Asharaf

“We are renowned in Bengaluru for designing and building bespoke  solutions for commercial workspaces, and living spaces.”

Nebin Asharaf
Creative Head
year founded

Since its foundation in 2005, Rubenius has developed into a pioneering and city-shaping force.


Headquartered in Bengaluru with offices in  Bhubaneshwar, and Kenya, we are poised to expand in the years to come.

Rajesh Kumar Das

“Rubenius aspires to shape the entire value chain from idea to development, realisation to marketing and customer support.”

Rajesh Kumar Das
completed projects

Catering to the growing need for smart experiential spaces that integrates technology for everyday living, work & play

yearly growth

Our partneship with Arcop Associates expands our architectural services to Master planning, Public Spaces, Museums Airports & Warehouses

Sandeep kumar

“We have an open and inclusive culture where everyone can take part in every aspect of the design and execution of the project.”

Sandeep Kumar
Project Manager
industries served

Energy & Renewables, Residential, Retail, Corporate, Hospitality, Government, F&B, Lifestyle


Delivered projects across DRC Congo, Nairobi, Mombasa, Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam and pan-India.


“Working with Rubenius means facing daily challenges that push you to grow as an individual and as a human being.”

Sr.Interior Designer since 2023
awards won till date

Rubenius holds high standards and has been acknowledged widely for the same.

speaker assignments

We have been known to share knowledge and promote thought leadership in sustainable design practices.


“Since 2023, I have been lucky enough to work with this amazing group of people who made my life so fulfilling.”

Interior Design since 2023
Open positions

Build your career with us

Bangalore, India


Digital Marketing Executive

The Digital Marketing Specialist will develop and implement digital campaigns across various channels, analyze performance, and collaborate with teams to optimize strategies. The ideal candidate possesses strong digital marketing skills, analytical abilities, and a passion for staying updated on industry trends.

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3D Visualizer

As a 3D Visualizer, will be part of state of the art visualization 3D pipeline. Your role may involve a wide range of responsibilities as described below. This role will give you an opportunity to expand your skills not just in 3D but also build your leadership and management skills.

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Graphics Designer

We’re looking for professionals with expertise in Designing for our Brand, Marketing and Communications.

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Design Manager

Looking for someone to creatively manage, lead, develop and grow the team. Candidate will also contribute to new business, bring on new clients and help market the design services offered.

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Project Manager

An excellent opportunity for someone who has worked in interior design for bespoke and high-end projects to activate physical spaces based on a balanced mix of creativity and adherence to brand design standards.

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General Manager

Looking to hire an General Manager to oversee all the aspects of the project from concept to completion on time, with top quality finishes and within the specified budget.

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Quantity Surveyor

Candidate will need a few years of commercial construction experience as a QS or Estimator, or ideally, as both. Need to be experienced in commercial or residential refurbishment or fit-out.

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Business Development Executive

Looking for a passionate and talented individual that will support the team and drive business growth. Candidate will work closely with the practice director to grow and develop potential new clients.

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Interior Stylist

The ideal candidate will have an interior design background, a keen eye for exceptional detail, and good spatial awareness. They will also have good knowledge of current interior trends.

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FAQs for candidates

Commonly asked questions on careers, internship and worklife.

What’s the interview process like?

The skillset of excellent interior designers involves a wide range of capabilities. Examples are project management skills, communication, teamwork and willingness to follow industry trends. At Rubenius we try to guage if you have skills that can add value to the team and extend the value we add to our clients and customers.

We start with a phone conversation followed by a video interview where we discuss your portfolio, your interests, your approach to work, issues you have faced in encountered and how you have resolved them. We would also give you a project/ assignment to demonstrate your expertise in specific areas to see if you are a good fit for our organisation.

What do you look for in a candidate?

We look for certain qualities that achieve two things —

1. Qualities that demonstrate expertise
2. Leadership Qualities that help drive business growth.

To understand this, we ask you behavioral or situational questions regarding technical expertise, difficulties you faced while executing a project, experience in dealing with difficult situations and clients or how you prioritise tasks to keep deadlines and manage client expectations intelligently. We assess how you work individually and with a team. Your successes and failures and give you mock situations to evaluate your critical thinking and problem solving skills in dealing with clients, suppliers, vendors or your own team mates for instance.

Is work from home an option?

Yes. We usually work from home given the current situation that we are forced to adapt to. Ideally, we work best when we sit across each other in a collaborative environment; our office. When it comes to site visits and executing a project on site, video calls are not an option. You need to be there onsite physically. A lot of things can go horribly wrong without supervision. Decisions are also made on-site for materials, and customisations, which otherwise just cannot be achieved from sitting at home.

Are internships available in Rubenius?

Yes. We encourage it. However, depending on your skillset and contribution to existing projects we will determine if it will a paid internship or not.

How long do you take to close an application?

Typically 4 weeks. The first week will a phone conversation and video call. The second week will be a meet and greet at the office with an assignment that you will have to work on depending on the position you are applying for. The third week will be a an assessment and valuation of your submission and an interview where you will present your thoughts and process and vision on the project. The fourth week will be the final stage of the interview process where we discuss the results of your application — salary, location, benefits or rejection of your application, if at all and why.

Can I work out of both offices?

Yes. Usually the office you will be hired for will be your primary location that you will operate out of. You may also work out of the other office depending on projects that requires site visitation and collaboration in another location.

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