Rubenius — The Interior Wellbeing Co.

Enriching lives through honest design.

We believe that healthy and happy living is possible only when there is both balance and harmony in our lives. We aim to create the best work and living environments possible for our clients.

Innovation in action

Branded workspaces
build your brand equity.

Design. Create a high-quality environment that facilitates human interaction. Facilitate dialogue and efficiency in your workplace. Promote a better work environment.

Partner. Realise new construction projects. Renovate commercial and retail areas, work practices, and other spaces. To increase your brand's value, integrate technology-enabled environments.

Interiors. Bespoke interior decor to express the lifestyle you choose. Custom-made fashion-forward furniture, collectibles, and accessories that reflect your life story.

How we do it

Innovation as the spatial narrative

We push the boundaries of experiential design to build distinct, sustainable spaces for tomorrow’s living & working practices. Our philosophy, Interior Wellbeing guides our thinking to create impact holistically, leaving the necessary room for creativity and innovation.

Schneider displays innovation through its experience centre

"Rubenius is an expert on experiential design. Our simulations to showcase our vision of the future was executed just the way we envisioned it. The team went beyond what was necessary to work within the budget."

Vikas Srivastava

Head - Administration & facility, R&D Center

Our Approach

We believe our multi-disciplinary approach and industry knowledge can bring about positive change that will enrich the local environment, cities, and communities.

Rajesh Kumar Das
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Our impact strategy refer image

Our Impact Strategy

Develop holistic spaces that enable creativity and innovation

Our impact is built on four pillars: wellbeing, sustainability and design, and technology. These are fully integrated in our space development blueprint, which ensures exceptional quality products and services.

Awards & Recognition

Quality does not go unnoticed

Lexus Design Award

Finalist Design Thinking



Best In Class - Residential Public Space


Kyoorius Design Awards

Product Design


D'source Design Awards

Product Solutions For Pandemic


FOAID Awards

For Best Interior Retail


FOAID Awards

Best Interior Retail - India


FOAID Awards

Best Residential Villa Large


IQA Awards

Best Interior Design Services - Karnataka



Excellence In Customer Satisfaction


VMRD Retail Awards

Best Multiplex Interiors


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