How Ankura revitalised its culture through spatial design

Ankura is a global firm of experts and advisors uniquely built to tackle each challenge or need by effectively combining the right expertise into solutions, services, and results.

2,500 sqft

Workplace Consultancy


Ankura is a well-known consulting group with multiple segments of experience. They wanted to revamp the corporate office while keeping in mind the comforts and standards of the employees and their work. Their intention was to transfer the impression of trust and integrity to walk-in customers.

The opportunity

Ankura Consulting Group was looking for a revamp of its office space. They engaged Rubenius to design an experience that made it a better workplace for their team and clients that visited.

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The challenge

The challenge was to design an efficient office with improved aesthetics — an office where brainstorming sessions could flourish, innovation foment, and productivity thrive, all in a collaborative setting with their clients.

The brief to us was to make the space unique in the sense that exhibited a badge value of being the best collaborative space to work from. This meant a shift from the stereotypical panels, a shift from the straight partitions that demarcated the general workspace. The floor, ceiling and workstations and chairs had to meet the same.

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The results

We demarcated each area based on the collaborative activity it needed to facilitate. There was a huge makeover and facelift in terms of lighting, focusing singularly on comfort and high standards of dynamism. The lighting on top acted as leading lines connecting one from the tertiary areas such as corridors to the primary areas which were the meeting rooms and the secondary areas such as the conference rooms and customer lounge areas.

The customer lounge areas specifically ensured that comfort, spacious seating and auxiliary facilities that enhanced the interiors such as coffee machines, the palette of fabric, and themes of trust, dynamism and integrity was manifested.


Ankura was happy with the outcome. The newly-designed office space reflected the brand promise of Ankura’s highest standards, systems and performance that a client would encounter when they walked in the door. More sales were closed a result. The sales team were proud to invite their clients to discuss their on-going projects and as a result, employee satisfaction was at an all-time high.

"Our clients, their experience, impression about the brand , It all starts from the corporate office and the The way we showcase, the way we maintain, the way we raised our standards of styling and designs at our office. And we required a design Build partner to achieve, The lookout for this ended when we met Rubenius,"

Madhukar Gaddam
Founder, ASN

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