How Hosmat uses spatial design to build brand equity

The Hospital for Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Arthritis & Accident Trauma (HOSMAT) is the largest tertiary care hospital serving India and its neighbouring countries and has been a pioneer in sports medicine for over 17 years.

8500 sqft

Included civil work, MEP, interiors & finishing


A design & build project in collaboration with Arcop


The sports medicine centre is open for business

The Sports Medicine Centre at HOSMAT, headed by Dr. Thomas Chandy, is the first of its kind in Karnataka & India, in dealing with the treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries. Many international and national players in cricket, football, hockey, golf, tennis, swimming, badminton and kabbadi frequent the hospital and have undergone treatment. As a result, HOSMAT emerged as a major destination of choice for tertiary care sports medicine, as one could have access to a multidisciplinary team of sports medicine experts.

The opportunity

In HOSMAT’s attempt to modernise, they sought Rubenius, a leading interior design company, to help them redesign their sports facility and redefine the Bangalore’s Best Orthopaedic hospital as a state-of-the-art Sports hospital. The hospital much needed a new look to match the recent changing trends of wellness environments. Managing the use of space to allow care-providers to work efficiently, as well as accommodate the movement of heavy traffic of new patients and equipment, was the priority.

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The challenge

The hospital had undergone renovation in 2005 and needed refurbishing because of leakage problems and civil issues. The challenge was to execute interior renovations without disturbing the day-to-day operations across the four floors. During the renovation, we took great care to ensure that we would safeguard the interiors. Creating a hospital ambience meant much more than just making the place cosy. We had to consider all aspects of space design, from how people move to how they interact with the environment in order to create a public place that works for everyone, regardless of age or ability. This attitude extends beyond the confines of individual buildings and covers the entire campus, even making space for areas including outdoor alfresco spaces. This holistic effect is important because it enhances the quality of life for patients and medical staff alike. Experiences such as these helped users feel positively supported.

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The results

As part of the renovation, all facilities were repainted, walls and ceilings were covered with acoustic tiles, marble flooring was installed and overhead illumination was improved. A benchmark of good design lies in an unobtrusive and undistracted experience of space managing balance between utility and aesthetics. A sterile environment does not have to be devoid of aesthetics. The answer lies in the subtle use of distinct elements that emphasize both function and form. HOSMAT’s spatial design has struck an equilibrium in comfortably performing its tasks while also making sure that patients and visitors don’t feel lost amidst endless hallways and rows of empty rooms.This resulted in a newly refurbished hospital with a design that accommodated heavy traffic movements.

One other reason sports lovers from around the world visit HOSMAT is because of its orientation to wellness, which means treating the whole person and addressing an array of factors that can affect health - not just physical, but also mental and emotional. Our design approach ensured that the ambience of the hospital stayed simple and neutral with a single tone, yet warm and inviting, leaving you to feel nurtured to support this trend.

The modern, open large lobby and wellness oriented look helped create a brand value of hospitality. With its inviting walkways, spacious treatment suites and use of good spatial design, HOSMAT has created a pleasant and accommodating environment for caregivers too. The space has allowed the hospital to build better brand equity with the community it serves. It created a greater bond with their patients and community and the results are effective—patient visitation grew by 23% and 87% more new people visited the hospital. The right brand association and brand experience is a key part of creating brand equity, but it also helped to create an ambience that also improved perceptions of the sports care.

"Interior Architecture has the potential to design interior environments that enabled people to undertake meaningful activities that contribute to their well-being.”

Ar. Siddharth Majumdar
Architect, ARCOP

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