How PVR designed an experience around comfort & elegance

PVR Cinemas (Priya Village Roadshow)[2] is a movie theater chain in India with its headquarter located in Gurgaon. The brand has redefined the cinema industry and the way people watch movies in the country.

1,20,000 sqft

Included 11 Screens, ticket counters and a gold class lounge

Detail & Build

PMC & Build


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PVR Cinemas is India’s largest movie theatre chain, with more than 400 screens across 70 cities and 23 states. With the average footfall of over 10 million people per annum, PVR has a loyal fan base that keeps growing by the day. It was important for the company to redefine the movie watching experience around comfort, elegance and royalty for their customers.

The opportunity

Movie theaters are now losing business to the comfort of the home. With services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video, people can watch movies from the comfort of their own homes. While movie theater attendance isn’t dropping much, it is still dropping. This is alarming for theater owners because their main source of revenue comes from concession sales.

Keeping this trend in mind, PVR was looking into ways to make movie-going a more appealing experience. In the fall of 2013 the company decided to redefine the movie-watching experience altogether. A theme bordering around comfort, elegance and royalty to improve the customer experience became the strategic prerogative.

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The challenge

To make this experience the ultimate social one and worth remembering, PVR looked into various aspects of the service delivery, the ambience and the acoustics that would uplift the movie watching experience. What if the movie watching experience was convenient, where you can choose your seats in advance, watch your movie with the best picture quality, have a bar and waiter service and be able to eat popcorn while watching your favorite actor on the big screen?

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The results

PVR wanted their audience to unwind, relax and have fun with the best hospitality moving from a transactional experience to an immersive one. Taking into account the 1,20,000 SQFT that comprised of 11 screens, ticket counters and a gold lounge, Rubenius went on to redesign the best concierge experience one could get at PVR. This included:

Ambience & Lighting
The perfect balance of the lights and color play in the lobby area drawing you into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. Large gold framed mirrors around the interiors engaged patrons allowing the place to look expanded and rich. Innovative materials like marble onyx were used to pronounce the bold interiors with colorful giant glass panels giving the environment a distinct, royal & sensuous colour palette.

PVR’s concept restaurant was designed to serve audience of all sizes, from kids to elders displaying cuisines in a visual manner making the service delivery aspect highly convenient and fast. Mimicking a bakery cafe, waiters adorned appropriate uniforms serving you at your seat on demand. The lobby was designed with comfortable seating with designated areas for families and couples to enjoy coffee and snacks during the intermission.

Inside the theatre, muted and dark interiors padded to insulate the right acoustics. Row lights that dimmed on cue like an airplane cabin heightened the sophistication in the theatre room. Reclining seats with blankets and pillows added to the comfort. Warm table lamps next to every seat pronounced the feel of luxury and elegance.

Conclusion: With a strong desire to create an experience around comfort and elegance, PVR wanted to ensure that their new furniture wasn't just comfortable, but also looked good. The result was a huge success with amazing results. The new experience that included comfortable seating and elegant decor. saw an increase in sales of 20% as well as a better brand image for PVR.

"PVR believes in delivering high standards, And Rubenius stayed committed to that cause. They delivered, and they are very keen about their goals."

Manoj Singh
Engineering & Procurement - Head

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