Schneider displays innovation through its experience centre

Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services.

3,000 sqft

Design & Build


Alexa voice enabled IOT

The Internet of Things, smart energy and enhancing efficiency are the three primary pillars of discussion for Schneider Electric. The company is trying to tackle these issues with its integrated portfolio, which includes connectivity solutions and software, as well as services, leveraging the experience and expertise that Schneider has generated over the years.

The opportunity

Being the global leader of digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider wanted an experience centre for its customers to experience their innovations. Their goal was to showcase their vision for an integrated end-to-end energy management system that adapts to their customers’ every need and facilitates them in optimizing their energy consumption.

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The challenge

Schneider Electric takes a holistic approach to energy management and wanted a digitally enabled space that used Voice activated AI to control media and show videos of their futuristic vision.

Team Rubenius looked to parametric modelling to execute this intricate yet immersive experience. We wanted to showcase a wireless concept of how energy travelled. We embedded the space with lights that were anamorphically placed, leading to the core control panel from where one could activate the demos.
Finding the best compatible devices from across the world that were durable and functional to integrate automation and IOT to the space was another challenge.

The acoustics were another challenge since the experience centre had to consider multiple groups of people experiencing the product at the same time. We achieve this by building Parametric speakers to the space which could direct sound from media to a specific zone with no physical barrier.

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The results

The team’s determination and flexibility enabled us to meet Schneider’s stringent requirements. As part of the project’s success, we have served in a strictly time-bound and capacity-constrained environment, which has enabled us to show our value in the broadest sense, beyond pure technological implementation. The result: an enriched sensorial experience of the 3000 SQFT space that showed Schneider’s vision of the future of energy management.

They featured this project in FOAID—Festival of Architecture Interior Design and won an award for the Innovative Experience Centre of the year.


Schneider’s Energy Experience strategy came alive with the experience centre. By using voice activated AI and interactive technologies, aimed at creating a more effective way to relate to customers and stakeholders, and raising awareness of the company’s sustainability initiatives.

"Rubenius is an expert on experiential design. Our simulations to showcase our vision of the future was executed just the way we envisioned it. The team went beyond what was necessary to work within the budget."

Vikas Srivastava
Head - Administration & facility, R&D Center

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