Shaping the Future at Scaler School of Technology, By Rubenius

Scaler School of Technology is an Indian educational institution that focuses on tech skilling and career preparation. They offer various programs, including immersive boot camps, data science and machine learning programs.

10,000 Sqft

Included landscaping & Interior Design Build

Experiential Learning

Design & Build including, MEP, Interiors and Biophilia


Scaler School of Technology is focused on upskilling and career preparation in the tech industry. Scaler offers programs with an Industry-focused curriculum in collaboration with top tech leaders, the curriculum emphasizes practical skills and real-world projects. They have a strong network of industry partners with over 900 companies, helping graduates land top-tier tech jobs. Their career-focused approach offers career coaching, interview preparation, and placement assistance to ensure success in the job market.

The opportunity

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Scaler School of Technology recognized the opportunity to redefine the educational experience. The institution aimed to curate a futuristic, scalable campus for over 200 students, infusing cultural values with disruptive learning methodologies. The client brief served as the catalyst for a groundbreaking initiative to shape tomorrow's tech leaders.

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The challenge

Rubenius faced the challenge of breaking away from conventional educational norms while preserving the cultural values of Scaler School. The goal was to design and build a campus that seamlessly integrated technology, inspired collaboration, and encouraged continuous improvement. The challenge required Rubenius to think beyond traditional design boundaries and create an environment that was both scalable and sustainable.

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The results

Vibrant Campus Culture:

  • Opportunity Seized: Rubenius embraced the challenge by infusing cultural values into the vibrant campus culture.
  • Results Achieved: Aesthetically minimal yet engaging, the campus became a testament to Rubenius' expertise, with tech-integrated smart classrooms fostering an environment of continuous learning.

Curiosity Evoking Corridors:

  • Opportunity Seized: Rubenius transformed the challenge into an opportunity by creating walkable corridors that stimulated curiosity and challenged traditional thinking.
  • Results Achieved: The 400 feet of walkable corridors became dynamic spaces, encouraging exploration and fostering a mindset of continuous improvement—students now actively embracing the idea of becoming 1% better every day.

The Vox: Learning by Sharing and Unlearning:

  • Opportunity Seized: Rubenius brought the vision of the Vox, Veil of Excellence, to life, encouraging learning by sharing and unlearning.
  • Results Achieved: The Vox emerged as the thematic heart of Scaler School, a space where Rubenius' commitment to collaboration and innovation was realized, inspiring students to actively engage in the learning process.

Sustainability and Scalability:

  • Opportunity Seized: Rubenius responded to the challenge by aiming for a scalable and sustainable campus experience.
  • Results Achieved: Utilizing recycled chipboard and repurposing existing resources, Rubenius not only achieved sustainability but also ensured that the design could be replicated at any scale and size without compromising its essence.


Rubenius, with its visionary approach to interior design and well-being, successfully transformed the opportunity presented by the client brief into a reality at Scaler School of Technology. This case study highlights how Rubenius' expertise in creating vibrant campus cultures, curiosity-evoking spaces, and sustainable, scalable designs has positioned Scaler School as a leader in innovative technology education. The collaboration between Scaler School and Rubenius stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in shaping the future of education.

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