Staubli takes its workspace design into the future

Stäubli is a global design and manufacturing company that makes solutions to enterprises’ everyday challenges. The company offers solutions across three product areas: Connectors, Robotics and Textile.

6000 sqft

Built up carpet area

Design & Build

Full service turnkey experiential design involving MEP, Design, PMC & Build


Interior fabrication in progress.

From the beginning, Stäubli wanted to shape its office as a collaborative environment where customers and employees can have a face-to-face interaction. The Swiss company desired to merge a customer experience centre into their workspace, revamping its offices by simply blending in the design with their core business focus.

The opportunity

Stäubli means innovation, so it was only natural that we opted for a blueprint that fostered their inventiveness. We wanted the design of the space to be modular. For this purpose, we organised areas of activity, with a smart and personalised mix of private work spaces and open-office space.

The design also had to be ‘futuristic’ to evoke a sense of progression. This would be clear when people navigated between work and meeting areas or even the connecting corridors.

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The challenge

To deliver a workspace which would meet all the requirements of Stäubli in terms of the scope and function, the design team at Rubenius undertook extensive research, study and deliberation. From initial meetings and understanding Stäubli’s business needs, the focus would have fit the need for a clear designation of zones (primary, secondary and tertiary) and elements for circulation - to create an environment that will be convenient for people who visit their office and its employees.

Customisation was done by providing furniture of different which was used to define spaces and used these elements to reflect on their brand image. The result represents their corporate identity in every form, including technology, workings, and brands.

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The results

A premium and comfortable working space which boosted the collaboration, innovation and communication within employees. The transparent working space with interactive walls create a movement inside the office. Employees can ‘touch’ the innovation being created by Stäubli. Employees and visitors could interactively access various topics related to robotics in an organised way through digital information about Stäubli products & services, innovations, videos and photo gallery.

The place welcomes natural light; the reception is inviting and striking and the staff feel like they are in a global company.


Stäubli’s new workspace reflects them—it merges classic quality and Swiss aesthetics with the latest technologies, and a spacious and vibrant company culture.

"There was a narrow space between accepting futurism without disregarding the 135 year old traditional work space. It was conceptualised, visualized and narrated to us in a way that we graciously accepted the change."

Chandan Singh

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