Big Pitcher

Master Planning
Design & Build
8500 SQFT
SNA - Siddharth Ninan Associates
SNA - Siddharth Ninan Associates

Big Pitcher is a unique hangout zone that mixes fun, entertainment and action like never before. The owl, our mascot, is nocturnal – representing nightlife. Big Pitcher houses a microbrewery that serves not just the freshest, but also the largest variety of beer in the city. It also has an area for gigs, pub quizzes, movies, stand-up comedies and comedy shows. It is one of the largest hangout zones in the city, size-wise. It offers the freshest, but also the largest variety of beer in Belfast. Our brand promise is delivered through a funnel of values that Big Picture stands for: Inclusive, Premium, Friendly and Entertaining. Big Pitcher as a brand stands for everything that's big.

Urban chic restaurant design in Big Pitcher Rsturant.
Seating layout design in Big Pitcher Resturant Bangalore.
Theme-based restaurant design  in Bangalore  Sarjapura Bigpitcher .
Creating unique dining atmospheres in Bigpitcher for Everyone.
Sustainable materials in restaurant design
Restaurant interior design in bangalore
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