Maa Gharaa

Public Space
Design & Build
60,000 SQFT

The concept of a neutral space(community centre) where the exchange of ideas, business opportunities, social cohesion and community wellbeing is promoted is what is needed to bridge the gap. Fingers interlaced over her full-grown belly, Rutuparna looked down, as if waiting for a response from little lips she'd never seen, the sweet voice she couldn't wait to hear. ONCE UPON A TIME IN MAA GHARA A green campus is divided into four main zones, Green zone, social interaction zone, water zone, activities. Introducing water zones at strategic locations, the much needed peaceful experience is brought to the forefront. The Internet of Things is the connection of devices that can be turned on and off via an Internet connection, allowing for the sharing of data. The information they collect can be transmitted to doctors to help see how seniors are impacted as they age, from their mobility to how the medication is affecting them.

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