Scaler School of Technology

Experiential Space
E-City, Bengaluru
Design & Build
10,000 SQFT
10 WKS

"The Veil of Excellence" reimagines the college experience for 200+ students by challenging traditional academic norms while embracing cultural values. It promotes daily 1% self-improvement through a culture of learning, sharing, and unlearning. At its core, the Scaler School of Technology, led by former tech industry professionals, revolutionizes IT software undergraduate education with a dynamic LEARN > UNLEARN > SHARE framework. The concealed classroom design fosters an exclusive atmosphere for immersion in the unlearning process. In summary, this project reshapes the college journey, instilling futuristic values and continuous student improvement, transforming tech education at the Scaler School of Technology.

The Veil of Excellence
The Veil of Excellence
The Veil of Excellence
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