Velvette Akora

Design & Build
4000 sft

Restaurant and buffet system- a system that allows customers to customize their players while also allowing the restaurant to highlight their unique dishes. The buffet at Velvette's is a rustic yet attractive space. The photo shows a feature wall, which is a Jaali wall with backlighting. It's decked out in wood and jaali, with a dark blue chair, and it's a fantastic spot for both aesthetics and practicality. The use of rich brown and gold tones creates a sophisticated and lovely ambience. This is where you can view the feature wall, which is made up of exquisite CNC cut diamond-shaped individual MDF pieces that have been painted and arranged in an abstract fashion.

Ethnic restaurant design in Bangalore for Akora
Lighting design for restaurants in Bangalore for Akora
Fine dining design in Bangalore for Akora.
Restaurant kitchen design in Bnagalore Akora
Restaurant kitchen design for Akora Bangalore.
Designing for accessibility in restaurants in Akora
Fine dining design for Akora Bangalore.
Fine dining design for Akora Bangalore.
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