A day in a village in Karnataka- An initiative to promote rural tourism

n response to the initiative taken up by Kushal Trust to promote rural tourism in the village of Alipura, 68 km from Bengaluru, Rubenius, an InDesign studio interiors developed a self-sustainable village (Halli) themed resort and eco-farm to familiarise the urban crowd with the life in the village.



With a market of 7 million villages in India, there is a brilliant multidisciplinary platter of traditions, cultures, art and way of life provided to us. Each village and community that follow their own specific customs and traditions can give rise to a trend in ;

  • Valuable contributions to the finances of the rural area.
  • Counter urbanisation
  • Growing interest and curiosity of rural area.
  • Increase in awareness of tradition and heritage

Rural tourism is one of the main ways to achieve urban-rural conjunction. With more than 70% of the Indian population living in rural areas, there arises a need for economic empowerment by creating opportunities in rural areas. Focusing on the hospitality industry in the tourist sector, out of the projected 7,54,000 trained people needed in 4 years, there exists merely 52,000 hospitality professionals. Thus, arises the need of the hour sustainable business opportunity for the rural folk to be equipped to handle counter urbanisation along with contributing to creating skilled manpower for the hospitality industry.

Features in the Halliday Master plan


To design and develop a unique self-sustainable eco-farm to support rural area tourism and skill development of the rural folk.

A sustainable design concept encompassing 5 stages with various rural area activities in each stage is proposed. Maintaining the contextuality of the region and incorporating various energy-efficient aspects like windmills, solar energy, biogas, organic vegetable farm, the master planning of the village resort is proposed as a mix of traditional and contemporary architecture.


Sustainable Tourism | Local Employability |

Better Quality of Life | Preserve Village Culture |

Improve Farm Systems | Agro Marketing |

Additional Income for Villagers |

Farmers & Artisans Growth.


Village Ambience | Local Cuisine |

Traditional Architecture | Fairs & Festivals |

Village Sports — Gilli Danda | Pittu |

Kancha | Lattu | Experience in Local & Regional Culture.

Masterplan- Zone 2 activities- Tourism Centre

Masterplan- Zone 3 activities- Staycations and Holiday homes

Masterplan- Zone 4 activities- Staycations and Holiday homes

Masterplan- Zone 5 activities- Organic vegetable and dairy farm


A concept by the Kushal Trust conceived to develop skilled manpower among the youth of Alipura and its surrounding village.


By dividing the entire site into 5 zones, each zone consisting of areas such as a tourism centre and recreational activities, holiday homes and staycations, organic vegetable and dairy farm, energy efficient and sustainable activities, the Halliday, village design concept offered tourists interactive and knowledgeable experiences that are memorable to them.

With the main agenda of rural development by means of sustainable master planning and design, Rubenius interiors, the award winning firm from Bengaluru, supported Kushal trust to achieve this concept and develop skilled manpower among the youth of Alipura and its surrounding villages.

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