Design to future-proof your office

Adapt and expand your business to today's and tomorrow's working standards
Adapt and expand your business to today's and tomorrow's working standards
s there anyone who wouldn't enjoy working in an office with the most current technology and all the conveniences necessary to be productive?

COVID-19 has changed the lives of people and will continue to change. The majority of the changes we've noticed have occurred at the workplace. Furthermore, you must be rethinking what is vital to you at work as a result of the pandemic? Workplaces that promote health and wellness, as well as future-proofing designs that allow businesses to adapt and expand, are a demand of today's and tomorrow's working standards. It has become more crucial for businesses to incorporate new strategies into office design to embrace the new workplace dynamic to build future-proof solutions.

At Rubenius we look at productivity a bit differently. Every space we engineer is to enable human interaction. Because we are convinced with the quote that “Design is way more than how it appears and feels.” What this essentially means is that your space needs to enable, empower or motivate you to collaborate and cultivate — Design is how it works.

“Design is way more than how it appears and feels — It’s about how it works.”

Future-proofing your office.

Future-proofing an office entails anticipating design trends, changes, and innovations. Our goal is to make your workplace smarter and more accessible, with a focus on employee satisfaction and long-term planning with more collaborative co-working spaces and a flexible training facility.

Modular Furniture

Customized, flexible, lightweight workspaces that meet the demands of your business can elevate the appearance of your office. It can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. For the employer's convenience ergonomic chairs are ideal for boosting workplaceproductivity and comfort since they ensure safe, efficient, adaptable, and user-friendly work environments. Modular storage systems can help you save up to 70% on storage space, money, and time while also providing you more flexibility. Cabinets, drawers, and shelf modifications can help you make better use of space. Because of the locking features, modular storage solutions are more secure. Furthermore, it conceals stuff, resulting in a cleaner, less cluttered appearance. Carpet tiles, often known as square carpets, are a popular choice for office flooring since they can be put together to make a carpet. Easy to install and change to the same color and design after years of use. They're long-lasting, adaptable, and environmentally friendly, as well as improving interior air quality and providing excellent acoustics.

Open Ceiling Cabling with Tray

Identifying the perfect ceiling cable management system that improves aesthetics while simultaneously enhancing efficiency, safety, and stability can be challenging and time-consuming. Gypsum is a popular choice for office ceilings because of its appealing, clean, and basic surface. The main benefit of a gypsum ceiling is that it has a fast-drying jointing compound that will last beyond 20 years, and an easy-installation technique that produces less dust. The Grid Ceiling System combines durability, distinct beauty, and sound absorption features in a lightweight gypsum board with a metal frame for the best finish. It provides a smooth, clean surface while also concealing electrical lines, ducting, and other utilities. Baffle ceilings, which provide a soundproof ambiance, lower the volume of airborne sound.

Integrated Automation

All industries are embracing automation. An automation system allows data to be transferred from one system to another without the need for human interaction. The addition of Digital Interactive screens to any meeting can help businesses increase meeting productivity while also saving time and money because they are more dynamic, engaging, and has inclusive presentations, allowing you toquickly and easily contribute your ideas and suggestions during meetings. They're a lot easier to set up because they don't require as much wire. It has several features, including lighting control, which allows you to turn lights on/off or dim them with the help of remote control or a smart app. It enables the projector screen to change to an LED screen, as well as the opening and closing of curtains and blinds. Motion sensors can also be utilized to save energy in toilets and walkways.

BARCO System for Seamless Connectivity

In terms of technology, users don’t want to be restricted from achieving their goals due to lack of technology. BARCO is an entirely wireless system that connects via inserting into a USB port on your laptop/desktop computer, or mobile devices. It is energy-efficient and long-lasting. Crestron sensors are a cost-effective and powerful way to reduce energy consumption and boost lighting performance using dual-technology occupancy detection. By detecting transitory occupancy, the sensor turns off the lights after 90 seconds to saveenergy. The packaging designs of the BARCO system are both environmentally friendly and long-lasting. You can safeguard the safety of your facilities, employees, and assets by controlling who is authorized to enter your premises with an access control system. Instead of squeezing cards, track attendance with biometrics or retina scanning. Physiological biometrics, such as facial recognition and retina scanning, are currently used in most common biometric devices and accompanying verification apps.

Crestron control with good Firewall

Creston is intelligent audio, video, and a variety of other device management solutions. It connects everything, providing intent devices for every location and application. A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic. They can be in the form of either software or hardware. Firewalls have now become the foundation of the network. To keep your office wireless, firewalls must protect a wide range of network infrastructures, connected devices, and operating systems from contemporary threats. When it comes to linking hardware and software components, the Crestron system with a strong firewall is like the heart of the system.

"Adding plants to your workspace improves air quality and elevates mood."
"Spending time in biophilic workspaces boosts productivity and concentration."


To provide optimism and productivity to the atmosphere, We bring in technology, a seamless automation system, comfortable modular furniture with style, design, and plants. Your office will be transformed into a cutting-edge design space that fosters wellbeing. If you’re looking to future-proof your workplace design to help you meet critical business objectives, give us a call.

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