Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: The KEWAUNEE Experience Center

t Rubenius Interiors, we're passionate about blurring the lines between imagination and reality. In LABRYNTH, we crafted a boldly futuristic workspace that transcends mere aesthetics, immersing visitors in a journey of curiosity, inspiration, and cutting-edge technology. This 900-square-foot masterpiece redefines customer-centric experiences for a global leader in lab manufacturing, serving as a stunning testament to the power of spatial futurism.

Beyond Walls & Reception Desks: Disrupting the Traditional Workspace

LABRYNTH isn't your typical office. From the moment they step in, visitors are met with an element of curiosity, sparking exploration and engagement. Walls and rooms lose their conventional roles, replaced by a purposeful flow of space defined by functionality and visual intrigue. Light takes center stage, transforming with each interaction, adding another layer of dynamism to the experience.

Tech-Integrated & Multifunctional: A Sensory Playground

LABRYNTH isn't just aesthetically stunning; it's a platform for seamless interaction. Visitors can explore products and services at a touch, delve into demos with a simple gesture, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the client's capabilities. This tech-driven approach goes beyond mere showcasing; it creates an immersive and engaging experience that resonates on a deeper level.

Client Culture as Inspiration: Fostering Connection & Collaboration

Client culture played a pivotal role in LABRYNTH's design. Recognizing the importance of hosting and interaction, we opted for a spacious and inviting lounge instead of a conventional reception area. This emphasis on collaboration and connection aligns perfectly with the client's brand values, setting the stage for meaningful partnerships and memorable interactions.

LABRYNTH: More Than Just a Space, It's an Experience

LABRYNTH is a testament to the transformative power of futuristic design. It's not just a workspace; it's a journey that ignites curiosity, fuels innovation, and leaves a lasting impression. In this sensory and interactive paradise, technology complements human connection, creating an unforgettable experience for clients and employees alike.

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