Schneider: The future is here

An assemblage of spatial and product narratives that conjoins with the practices of sustainability and automation through the medium of technology.
An assemblage of spatial and product narratives that conjoins with the practices of sustainability and automation through the medium of technology.
he Schneider Experience Centre ‘Luminocage’ is located in the campus of BGRT (Bearys Global Research Triangle).

The brief of the client - Schneider Electric, as a RE100 company applied for a futuristic brand experience in an 1100 sq.ft box space fostering digitization of product-showcase without human intervention. It also called for energy-efficient, i.e. sustainable design output echoing the company’s world-view.

The design approach for Luminocage involved the understanding of methodologies of integrating technology in spatial planning and experience to achieve maximized energy-efficiency. The conceptualization started with the idea of ‘Cable-Mess’ in which the dimensional composition of the space was utilized to its redefinition. The design was incorporated into a box-form followed by the imposition of lighting onto it, thereby enabling a fluidic pathway of experience within the space. The spatial planning resulted in a loop-system equally circulable among areas of entry, discussion, static displays, interactive podium and exit. The functional multiplicities of elements that comprise the space comprehensively explore the communication and sensory possibilities of humans and technology.

The elements include:

  • Smart lighting system: Designed for energy-efficiency, the series of lighting fixtures and controls are responsibly automated in relation to space-occupancy also achieving an aesthetic effect. Energy-performance is further optimized by the choice of LED Neon flexible lights and the placement of interactive 360° shadow-less lighting on six sides of the boxed site-space.
  • Alexa automation system: Originally instruction-based, the formulaic system is designed to detect movement or instructions that enable a schematic ON/OFF experience of the lab. Post customer experience, the mechanism is formulated to convert the space into presentation or work mode. Incase of stalled movement or vacancy, the arrangement is designed to create a dramatic Cyborg effect and lead to darkness.
  • Parametric speakers: Focused on conscious-consumption of sound energy, the auditory reception is controlled with the choice of parametric speakers that delivers high-intensity directional sound waves covering an adequately small area when the presentation mode is ON.
  • Interactive projector: Advanced design-approach is implemented for the formulation of presentation mode. The interactive projector is automated to transform a normal wall into a touch screen without manual efforts, thereby enhancing the customer experience.
  • White Vinyl flooring: Brand-image, user-experience and maintenance are key factors considered for the choice of materials and automation systems. Accordingly, pure white vinyl flooring across the entire space chosen to complement the lighting, products and showcases amplifies the immersive experience in the centre.
  • Open Distribution Board: The display of DB that is the source of the overall power-system in the experience centre is curated to be openly visible. This is to establish the position of power in Schneider’s products and services and to defy the commonly-observed Distribution Boards that receive zero design-attention.

Chief significance was that the space showcases the iconic tech giant Schneider echoing justice to its standard, quality, futuristic exclusivity, refined energy efficiency in the commercial lab ambience.

The vocabulary of Luminocage relooks into the possibility of achieving Sustainability in design through the use of technology. By prioritizing energy-efficiency and futuristic thinking, Luminocage, as an immersive experience centre of Schneider Electric is a step towards redefining the integration of iconic-design aspirations and state-of-the-art solutions along with social responsibility.

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