Best biophilia trends for you office

Enhancing creativity and reduce stress while maintaining overall wellbeing.
Enhancing creativity and reduce stress while maintaining overall wellbeing.
iophilia is an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings to the natural world.

It is the way humans stay connected with nature and the normal environmental elements. Biophilia is usually applied to the design of spaces where people live, shop, relax or work. With working environments advancing over time so have stress, anxiety and absenteeism of the workforce. It is apparent that workspaces that adopt biophilic design manage these stress-related illnesses effectively.

At RUBENIUS we clarify this relationship between the environment and human nature by constructing a design narrative that can empower, enable and guide people to do their work better, all while feeling connected with nature. We call this “biophilia hypothesis” — the belief that us humans are genetically predisposed to be attracted to nature.

Making a Biophilic office

The biophilic environment around the office helps in enhancing creativity, clarifying thought processes, reducing stress while maintaining our overall wellbeing.

As designers, we have noticed and experienced that the introduction of natural elements into the workplace has improved employee creativity, and work ethic. In a workplace that incorporates nature, of employees reduces, and the well-being of the   increases. Humans thrive in a biocompatible environment with visible connections to natural color, movements, scents, sounds, and textures. The office spaces with large windows, foliage plants, and thoughtfully placed natural elements help workers and residents stay calm and focused. In contrast, workplaces characterized by little noise, little natural light, and no greenery are associated with high absenteeism.

What are the benefits of a biophilic office?

The presence of natural elements in the work area has been shown to affect physical and mental health. The incorporation of a biophilic the mental fatigue productivity, elements of workplace environment will result in improved concentration, increased creativity, and engagement, reduced stress level, improved mood, higher productivity, more happiness, and of course less fatigue.

Biophilia: A Long-Term Future of Architecture and Sustainable Design, Not Just a Passing 'Trend'

How to design your office using the best biophilia trends

Biophilia is of course not a new concept or adding just a bunch of plants is not considered biophilia. Pandemics and worsening environmental degradation have naturally brought unprecedented new value.

Experiments in biophilic design are reaching a tipping point, and the notion has the potential to transform cities, homes, workplaces, and hotels. The best way to introduce the natural element into your workspace is mentioned below.

Introduction of Oxygen Generating Plants, as poor air quality can have many health consequences that can adversely affect productivity and worker attendance. It can directly affect physical and mental performance and overall efficiency. For employees with chronic respiratory illness, improving workplace air quality can be a more serious need.

Choosing the correct plants for your space, on the other hand, is the first step in enhancing air quality. Selecting The Right Planters is equally important and the use of correct planters will catch the attention of passers which can accentuate patio space, define the office. When looking to add something appealing and inviting to your office area, commercial planters are a smart move sure to please. Choosing the right planter for your office can be difficult. There are many things to consider, many of which depend on your taste and sense of style, the type of plant you want, and your climate. Most importantly,remember that the planter you choose should be beneficial to the health and well-being of your plant.

The introduction of fluorescent lights will act as a stress-inducing light in your office if you suffer from migraines, increased fatigue, eye strain, or Lupus flare-ups at work. It's simply a matter of using the ideal hues at the right time to skew relaxation or energy in your favor.

One of the most cost-effective ways to use fluorescent lights in the office and modify the working environment to benefit you and your co-workers is to invest in fluorescent light filters. Naturally, not every filter is of the finest quality. You'll want to choose a filter that does more than soften light wavelengths when assessing your options. The most common question we get is whether or not normal fluorescent lights can be used to grow plants and the answer is always a yes. Whenever you convert your office into a biophilic workspace make sure to use the fluorescent lights.

You can include plants in every area of the office like passages, cafeteria,reception, facade, and even toilets. The materials you choose for an interior space will have an impact on health and wellness by eliminating any dangerous pollutants in the workplace. Natural and sustainable materials will help to keep both the users of the room and the environment healthy.

If you're lucky, the peaceful chorus of birds, running water, and the rustling of leaves might be one of the most relaxing aspects of being immersed in nature; from an evolutionary standpoint, these are indicators that all is well in the world. The good news is that nature sound playlists may easily duplicate similar positive feelings of peace in an office or reception area. FSC wood, bamboo, linen, cork, and ceramic are all good materials to use.

How to maintain a biophilic office

It's great to incorporate trees and plants into an office, but they all require constant care and maintenance, which comes at a cost. Plants that have been neglected are unlikely to provide the same motivational benefits to workers. Here are a few tips that will surely make the maintenance of the biophilic office a lot easier. Of course, there are certain maintenance difficulties that come with biophilic designs, such as watering, feeding, trimming, and plant health, but as the benefits become more evident, these issues will become less important. The following are the most important maintenance considerations:

Leaf shedding

The words "elegant" and "luxury" never goes out of style, and adding vintage features to a work space will always make it more opulent. Vintage features in designs do not have to seem claustrophobic or ancient. Combining neutral colors like gray, crimson, or brown, as well as furnishings like many classic single sofas, will give any style of space design a sense of luxury.

Watering and feeding

Depending on the plants and trees you choose, you may need to feed them on occasion, and you will undoubtedly need to water them. The introduction of self-watering plants will surely make maintenance a lot easier. You'll also need a watering system that doesn't saturate the office floor, as this could constitute a health and safety hazard.

Possibility of illness

All plants, including garden and house plants, have the potential to get a plant disease at some point in their lives. It's all about selecting low-risk greenery. Before you make a decision, conduct your homework on maintenance and make sure you choose designs and features that require little to no care.


To provide optimism and productivity to the atmosphere, We bring in technology, a seamless automation system, comfortable modular furniture with style, design, and plants. Your office will be transformed into a cutting-edge design space that fosters wellbeing. If you’re looking to future-proof your workplace design to help you meet critical business objectives, give us a call.

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