Reimagining the Tech city.- Amtron, North East India’s first tech park.

Guwahati, the capital city of Assam in India is one of the cities marked under the smart cities scheme by the Govt. of India. With the govt gearing up to develop Guwahati as the silicon valley of the Northeast, Amtron- the Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. approached Bangalore based Rubenius Interiors to develop the master plan of the first technology park in North-East India.

The Awesome experience

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The Awesome experience

The Awesome experience- Wave as a common visual feature

Incorporating the principles of design thinking and Inspiring from Assam tourism’s tagline — AWESOME ASSAM- the master planning of the green campus is conceptualised around the 7 aspects unique to Assam- Air; Water, Energy, Sun, Organic, Mist and their Experience on mankind. The WAVE being the only common visual factor and the one chosen as our basis of design concept and representation.

Taking inspiration from Nature

Nature and inspiration- Trees

Nature and inspiration- Community of trees

With Assam’s geographical and cultural factors, every acre of the land was conceptualised with 100 trees, making the entire site a home for 10,000 trees. These trees were then visualised as the chasing factor to the wind direction and ultimately the experience created by them for the mankind.

Theme inspiration from Nature

Nature and inspiration- Mountains

Nature and inspiration- Valleys

The mountains, valleys and nature all amounted to giving us an inspiration curve that Rubenius team called the mountain of inspiration. This curve when coupled with the curve of aspiration i.e. the mountain of aspiration results in the ideal ambience and experience of the architecture and design that people would aspire to work and relax in.

Nature and the theme implementation- Community of terraces

Design Process

Theme Visualisation

Theme implementation


Influenced by the terraced hills of the region and sticking to the theme of curves, terraced/stepped buildings with nature elements such as trees on every elevated floor were incorporated in the architecture and design. Water bodies and gathering points in the master planning at the confluence of buildings allows a unique experience at every corner.

Leap to the Future- the Technological impact

The Aerial view

Inspiration of Technology- Microchip

The inspiration of Technology- Microchip

The inspiration of Technology- Microchip

Masterplan and the elements

With the site being close to the Airstrip of the Guwhati International Airport, importance was given in the Aerial view design of the masterplan. Microchip- the essence of technology was the inspiration for the design and layout of the master plan making sure to catch the eye of passengers in the flight along with a renewed identity for Guwahati as the Silicon Valley of the North-east.


With nature as the inspiration and Amtron-Guwahati as the canvas, team Rubenius, the Bengaluru based design studio ideated a master plan that showcased the specialities of Guwahati in an abstract and meaningful manner with human-centric design and planning approach which is environmentally conscious and sustainable.

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